pagekit-formmaker is a good extension of pagekit cms for dealing with user feedback

Beside good functionality, there are quite lots configurable options when playing with this extension. For eg: if you wanna add a Cc email after client submit a feedback

Well, let’s take a look at their code, in this line

App::trigger('formmaker.form.submission', [$form, $submission]);

It triggers an event after saving client’s submission to the database. The event name is formmaker.form.submission

Then, just need to edit index.php file (line 106)

In events section, implement the handler for formmaker.form.submission event

'formmaker.form.submission' => function ($event, $data) use  ($app) {
            $mail = \Pagekit\Application::mailer()->create();
                ->setSubject('New Submission')
                ->setBody('Check here: https://<a href="">hoaphuonghotel</a>.com/index.php/admin/formmaker/submissions?page=0')

That’s it! Hope this help ;)

Site using pagekit cms: