Config output format in HISTTIMEFORMAT with below command:

echo ‘export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d-%m-%y %T" ' » ~/.bash_profile; bash

then history to see the different

To make the changes permanent follow the below steps,

<code><span class="pln">vi </span><span class="pun">~/.</span><span class="pln">bashrc</span></code>

you need to add the below line to .bashrc file and then save it,

<code><span class="pln">export HISTTIMEFORMAT</span><span class="pun">=</span><span class="str">"%d/%m/%y %T "</span></code>

run the below command to source .bashrc file,

<code><span class="pln">source </span><span class="pun">~/.</span><span class="pln">bashrc</span></code>