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Context that caused this eror

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When working with laravel 5, have you ever ask yourself that how** Laravel IOC** work, how **Laravel IOC** can handle concrete class binding instead of defining in somewhere (for laravel in Service providers).

Basically, if you inject a concrete class to another class, it will automatically bind to that class by laravel Container

Overview of Laravel Container (make, build, getDependencies, resolveClass (or nonClass))

Screenshot from 2016-03-14 09:38:57

laravel 5 container class: make function build function getDependencies function

By default, If you inject a concrete class to another class, its will automatically bind and resolve by Laravel container.

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but, in case in the constructor of some class you inject to a string or non-class parameter, how laravel 5 handle this

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Its not acceptable that throw an error if a non-class cannot resolveable, but its not make sense to make a function name resolveNonClass just only throw an error (imo, should handle this ;)

$dependencies[] = $this->resolveNonClass($parameter);

There is many ways to deal with this is that writing an service provider to inject a string to another class like this (basically, a service provider abstract class contains $app instance, just bind a dependency manually into it). This is one way


namespace App\Providers;

use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
use App\Services\FooService;

class FooProvider extends ServiceProvider
    public function register()
        $this->app->bind('App\Services\FooService', function($app){
            return new FooService('a','b');

then register above service provider to config/app.php

'provider' => [

its works!!!, other way to bypass this, is use Str provider class instead of built in string primitive php type.

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By the way, need to update Laravel Container class to deal with primitive type ??? in this function **resolveNonClass **

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