When working with AWS EKS, we might cause with disk pressure warning when describing the “Evicted” pod (out of resource warning from aws eks).

kubectl describe pod ingress-nginx-controller-xxx -n ingress-nginx
Status: Failed
Reason: Evicted
Message: Pod The node had condition: [DiskPressure].

describe pod status You can edit the volume size param as below (via cloudformation)

edit eks worker eks worker node edit cloudformation stack (increase to 20GB – EBS volume size) The cloudformation template above related to this template file.

After increasing the storage size of the node (~ an ec2 instance), now “Evicted” pod (DiskPressure) will disappear.

Hope this well hope who is facing with this issue on AWS EKS 😉


  1. https://medium.com/faun/kubelet-pod-the-node-was-low-on-resource-diskpressure-384f590892f5

  2. https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/administer-cluster/out-of-resource/